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"Rachael Turner is such an amazing photographer, and person, to know. Such a beautiful spirit, it shows in her photos. It's very comfortable and fun to be photographed by Rachael. :) " - Czarina Lapus

"I just wanted to let everyone know what a fabulous morning I had with Rachael and her stylist, Abbie. For a start it was such a treat to have a professional stylist to do both hair and make up, and by the time Abbie had finished I felt as if I was exuding glamour from every pore! Then when Rachael started work with her camera, I really felt like a super model for the first time in my life! She has such a relaxed approach, and I found that I could effortlessly adopt the poses she suggested without feeling in the least bit self conscious. I felt on top of the world when I walked out, and enjoyed receiving heaps of flattering comments from friends and colleagues for the rest of the day. I still can't believe the results of the shoot, and even a week or so later, I still catch myself having a sneaky look at them! I am amazed at the transformation that these two ladies were able to create: from working mum rushing to drop the kids off at school to glamorous Hollywood-esque star in less than 3 hours! Thank you so much xx " - Alison Maxwell

"Rachael Turner, you are a gifted photographer & beautiful person! Although we were the 1st WA shoot, clearly the event was not Rachael's 1st rodeo! I had the privilege of making friends with Rachael before we decided to work with her for our family portrait, which was as easy as saying "hello." I think it's important for people to know the woman behind the camera because she is amazing--open minded, gentle spirit, relaxed, attentive, professional. If you're looking for a photographer to simply bang out some shots & move on, she is not your person. If, however, you want someone to understand you or your family's dynamics & capture moments that exude that chemistry then look no further. " - Jennifer Bane

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